Packing List

Things to Remember and Packing Suggestions …
Listed below are some suggested items to pack for the different combos that we offer. Old Harbor is a remote community off the road system.

Purchase your licenses online at the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game website or in Anchorage or Kodiak.

We strongly recommend that you bring those specific items that you need, such as over the counter or prescription drugs, personal care items such as a specific contact lens solution, specific lures or shells that you wish to use, specific dietary items, beverages or snacks, etc. Items can only be ordered from Kodiak and flown in, which is weather dependent and can take a few days for the order to process.

It is important to know that Alaska has a local option policy, which allows communities to determine at what level alcohol is available. Old Harbor is a damp community. This means that alcohol can be possessed and brought into the community, but it cannot be sold. Please do not assume that your lodging facilities will have alcohol available. Alcohol is available for purchase in person in Kodiak and can be brought into Old Harbor. It cannot be orderd remotely from Kodiak and shipped in, so it is important to bring it with you if you wish to have any during your trip.

General Gear List
– batteries for your camera
– lens cleaner
– phone charger
– synthetic layers for your clothing
– waterproof boots
– sunglasses
– binoculars

We have raingear or boots in standard sizes available at the lodge, however for non-standard sizes, we recommend that you bring it with you.

Cellular service is available in Old Harbor. Service is provided locally through GCI with a CDMA phone or through Verizon. ATT or Sprint phones will not work here.

Deer or Duck Combos – Later in the Season: October, November, December, January
Snow is possible and we recommend that hunters be prepared for colder temperatures and the possibility of encountering rain or snow.

Things to remember include:
– game bags
– surgical gloves
– knife sharpener
– extra gloves (thinner, fast drying gloves work best)
– binoculars