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About Kodiak Combos
Jeff Peterson founded Kodiak Combos over 25 yeas ago. It all began with the mayor of Old Harbor asking Jeff to take a visitor from the city out fishing before the plane comes to take them back. Jeff was working as a Village Public Safety Officer and had a 15-foot Boston Whaler. He then started receiving phone calls asking how much he charged since Jeff had taken one of the caller’s friends fishing while in Old Harbor. Another interesting turn of events was a letter addressed to the Old Harbor Postmaster saying give this letter to the best hunter in the village; in that letter was a list of birds that collector wanted and their phone number. Jeff called him and after a short visit the hunter booked a trip to come duck hunting. As a result, a story on hunting ducks in remote Alaska was published in Wildfowl magazine.

Jeff Peterson
Jeff is a US Coast Guard licensed and insured captain, licensed big game transporter, licensed fishing guide, registered migratory bird guide with over twenty-five (25) years of professional service in the industry. He was born and raised on Kodiak Island in the village of Old Harbor. Growing up on his father’s fishing boat and owning his first boat at the age of 13 makes him one of the most experienced charter skippers on the island. A former US Marine, Jeff understands the importance of being on time and providing you with a top notch service.. He resides on the island and works on the waters year-round, giving you unequal fishing results. Jeff operates the C/V Fishy Fishy.

Your fish and game is handled with care from the time it hits the deck to the time it is vacuum packed and frozen,  providing quality fillets and packages of meat for your family to enjoy.

Lianna Peterson
Accommodations are provided by The Old Harbor Lodge, operated by Lianna Peterson. The waterfront property was newly remodeled in 2010 and provides all the comforts of home. Amenities include satellite TV, full kitchen, private bath, wood stove and Toyotomi heat, laundry facilities, wireless internet, long distance phone access, and twin or queen size beds. Meals can be local cuisine like halibut, salmon or rockfish or whatever your diet requires.

About Old Harbor
When you think about Alaska, people commonly think “remote” or “off the beaten path.” Well, Old Harbor is truly remote, a small village of about 230 residents, only accessible by boat or mail plane. There are no chain or box stores, no cruise ships, and about 2 miles of road. There is limited cellular service that is CDMA compatible with ACS (Alaska provider) and Verizon.

When you come to Old Harbor, you are coming to the real Alaska. It provides an experience that even within Alaska, is authentic and down to earth. If you’ve never been to Alaska before, make it right the first time.

Kodiak Combos
Jeff & Lianna Peterson
PO Box 141, Old Harbor, Alaska 99643
Phone: 831-236-0278
email: fishunt@kodiakcombos.com