Sitka Black-Tailed Deer


Kodiak Island has the highest density of Sitka black-tails in the world. The largest bucks on record were taken from this island. Hunters have access to Sitkalidak Island, 77,000 acres of private land, a DIY hunters paradise!

Deer transports are lodge-based out of Old Harbor and a do-it-yourself, spot and stalk hunt. Every day, you will be transported out in the morning and picked up before dark, with a radio check midday. Each day you are provided with a hot breakfast and dinner, and lunch prepared for your pack.

There is plenty of open country. Some people hike to 2,000 feet and glass bowls, while some people stay on the beach and hunt from shore.

Currently  hunters are allowed up to 3 deer. Buck season opens August 1. Any deer is allowed after October 1 through December 31. Prime deer season is mid-October through mid-December.

U.S Citizens can utilize Kodiak Combos for Big Game Transport for Sitka Black Tail Deer. Citizens of a foreign country are required to be accompanied in the field by a Registered Big Game Guide to hunt big game animals, including Sitka Black Tail Deer.

We cater to private groups and tend to book quickly. We encourage guests to book in advance to assure preferred dates. Contact Jeff at 831-236-0278 or via email: to book your spot or for more information.