Accommodations are private for Kodiak Combos guests in The Old Harbor Lodge, a newly remodeled waterfront property completed in 2010. We cater to individual parties or to small corporate groups. Ideal group sizes are up to 4 couples or 6 individual guests.

Amenities include DishNetwork TV, full kitchen, private bath, wood stove and Toyotomi heat, laundry facilities, long distance phone access, wireless DSL internet and twin or queen size beds. Meals can be local cuisine like halibut, salmon or rockfish or whatever your diet requires.

Most of our guests book in advance to assure preferred dates.

Old Harbor is a small rural community on the SE side of Kodiak. It is accessible only by small plane or boat. There are about 230 residents with about 2 miles of road. It truly is the Alaska you have been dreaming to see.