King Salmon

Old Harbor is among the top 5 destinations in the world for trophy class king salmon in the salt – ESPN Seattle

King salmon are troll caught year-round using down riggers. The biggest landed with Kodiak Combos was 75 pounds. Many in the 25 lb to 40 lb range are landed year round.

In Old Harbor, you can catch 2 kings a day, every day.

For anglers seeking chrome-bright ocean-run king salmon in the 50 lb range, we suggest booking between April 15 through July 5th. One boat trolls 3 down riggers, and the other boat trolls 4 down riggers. We vary our gear but mostly use whole herring trolled anywhere from 8-feet to 60-feet.

Along with your Alaska Department of Fish and Game fishing license, a king stamp is required to retain king salmon. Fishing licenses and king stamps can be purchased online here.

We cater to private groups and tend to book quickly. We encourage guests to book in advance to assure preferred dates. Contact Jeff at 831-236-0278 or via email: to book your spot or for more information.