We don’t need to use 5 lbs of lead to fish our spots and halibut are most commonly taken in shallow waters.

You will jig for halibut using several types of gear, in anywhere from 50 to 250-feet of water. One jig is a 20-ounce lead weight with dropper loop with a 16/0 circle hook with squid or fresh cod, another rig is 16-20 ounce leadhead with grubs.

Most halibut are in the 30-90 lb range, though in 2008, a 300 lb plus monster was landed in just 50-feet of water, and an 8-footer landed in 1999.

Halibut are caught year round and the season runs from February 1 to December 31. June, July and August are prime months for halibut and they are often caught while trolling for kings!

Current 2017 regulations for halibut in this area include 4 total charter caught halibut per year. There is no halibut fishing on Wednesdays and on three specific Tuesdays: July 18, July 25 and August 1, 2017. Two halibut may caught per day per person; one halibut must be under 28 inches and one halibut of any size. Once the halibut greater than 28 inches has been caught, for conservation reasons, we will not target halibut smaller, under 28 inches. In doing so, a number of fish greater than that size will be caught and potentially wounded, sometimes mortally, which defeats the purpose of the regulation.

We cater to private groups and tend to book quickly. We encourage guests to book in advance to assure preferred dates. Contact Jeff at 831-236-0278 or email: fishunt@kodiakcombos.com to book your spot or for more information.