Seaduck hunters take a variety of species from shore using decoys and from a layout blind by UFO. Harlequin, Barrows and Common Goldeneyes, red breasted and common mergansers, and bufflehead, can be taken from shore using decoys. From the layout, you can take all 3 scoters, long-tails, king eider, Pacific eider and greater scaup.

Puddlers like mallards, pintails, widgeon, green wing teal, gadwell,  and the occasional shoveler can be taken while onshore. Hunters are taken to specific spots for specific species and sometimes moved several times a day. Your guide is your retriever, each group of hunters is given a radio to contact the guide when a bird is down and needs to be retrieved if the hunter cannot reach it.

Please see current Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations for specifics on bag limits.